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West Kalimantan Figure Dr Rubini Proposed To Be A National Hero, Kowani: His Role As A Medical Worker Is Extraordinary

  • adminkowani
  • 27 April 2022
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JAKARTA – The Indonesian Women’s Congress (Kowani) proposed that a community leader from West Kalimantan, Dr. Rubini, be appointed a national hero. This proposal came after Kowani made a visit to the province.

General Chairperson of the Indonesian Women’s Congress (Kowani), Giwo Rubianto Wiyogo, revealed in detail why Dr. Rubini deserves to be made a national hero.

“This proposal started with Kowani’s visit to West Kalimantan. During the visit, we also made a pilgrimage to Foreman Juang, where tens of thousands of people who died as a result of the Japanese occupation were buried in the area,” Giwo said as quoted by Antara, Sunday, March 20.

From the results of Kowani’s search and traces to a number of historical places, it is known that throughout his life, Dr. Rubini, who was the head of the hospital, found many cases of violence against women and children. The Bandung-born doctor worked hand in hand to save women and children during the colonial period.

Doctor Rubini is also considered to have a high concern in helping the community in the area. After completing his education in Stovia, Jakarta, Rubini devoted himself as a health worker in Jakarta, then transferred to Pontianak as Head of Pontianak Health in 1934. Apart from his busy life as a doctor, Rubini also initiated the movement for independence struggle in the region.

Doctor Rubini died in the incident at Foreman Juang which claimed the lives of 21,000 people in 1944.

“Doctor Rubini deserves the title of a national hero, considering his great services for the Indonesian nation. The role of the deceased as a medical worker working in the hospital has really given great support to the people’s struggle,” he said.

Dr. Rubini’s proposal is also in line with Kowani’s efforts in fighting for the ratification of the Draft Law (RUU) on the Prevention of Sexual Violence (PKS).Previously, Kowani succeeded in bringing the Acehnese warrior figure Admiral Malahayati and the female journalist from West Sumatra Rohana Kudus as national heroes.

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